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Tool Libraries to Help Work on Your Apartment or House

If you are just getting into your apartment or home, you may find that you’d like to fix things up or work on repairs. Tools can be expensive and not always worth the trouble of purchasing if you are renting or if you only need them for a one time project. There are tool libraries all over the United States that allow you to check out tools just like a library book and return them within a certain time frame. Tool libraries not only allow rental of tools, but also some larger equipment, and instructional materials.

Tool libraries are usually funded and run by community based organizations that help the community. They help provide residents of all income levels with access to tools and knowledge. The goal is to empower the community to create a sustainable future and a help further their residencies and lives. These tool libraries and banks help maintain indoor and outdoor portions of your residence. Basic hand tools are offered like screwdrivers, hammers, and saws; power tools like drills, shop vacuums, and circular saws; and gardening tools like rakes and hoes.

Tool libraries lend by the day or by a week at a time. Some of them allow you to bring it back when you are finished. Some of these locations charge a rental free but many communities are opening up these libraries free of charge. The inventory of tools are maintained routinely to make sure repairs are not needed and that they are in good condition. Typically, a member will sign a borrower agreement just like signing up for a local library card. Remember to turn your tools in on time to avoid late fees and treat the tools with care to make sure that you don’t get charged for any damages.

You can find these resources through your local library, city government, or visiting http://localtools.org/find/ to find one in your area. If you don’t currently have one in your area and are interested in starting one, visit https://www.newdream.org/resources/webinar-start-a-tool-library to learn more.