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Tool Libraries to Help Work on Your Apartment or House

If you are just getting into your apartment or home, you may find that you’d like to fix things up or work on repairs. Tools can be expensive and not always worth the trouble of purchasing if you are renting or if you only need them for a one time project. There are tool libraries all over the United States that allow you to check out tools just like a library book and return them within a certain time frame. Tool libraries not only allow rental of tools, but also some larger equipment, and instructional materials. (more…)

About Low-Income Housing

You may have heard the term “low-income housing” from friends or community resources, but aren’t quite sure exactly what’s involved, or how to get access to the help you need in getting affordable housing. You’re in the right place to get answers to some of your questions about low-income housing programs. (more…)

5 Creative Ideas for Affordable Low-Income Housing

While the unemployment rate has gradually been creeping downwards, many families still struggle with the challenge of providing one of life’s necessities – affordable housing. You work hard for your money, and with today’s high cost of living it isn’t easy to get past financial woes. Statistical analysis shows that over the past few years, housing prices have outstripped income growth by 76% – this means that your money isn’t going as far as it used to, even if you’re making more of it. (more…)

Understanding Section 8 Housing Program

For years you have worked hard to pay for life necessities but your salary is just not enough to take care of your life expenses. Do not worry. You are not alone facing this distressing situation. This painful scenario plagues millions of American families. If you are a US national and do not earn enough money to rent a home or pay monthly mortgage, you may apply for the federal government Section 8 Housing Program, which is also known Housing Choice Voucher Program. (more…)

4 Tips for Buying a HUD Home

Everybody dreams of having their own home, but for many low-income families the dream never turns into a reality. For such families, the US Government has introduced a low-income housing program, commonly referred to as HUD housing. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) aims to make home ownership a possibility for everyone with its affordable housing schemes. (more…)

4 Affordable Housing Options for Senior Citizens

In the next 25 years, one in every five American will be over age 65, yet our country faces a shortage of housing programs to meet the housing needs of senior citizens. The need for a comfortable, safe, and affordable grows stronger as an individual age. Senior citizens face several financial difficulties because of their limited income after retirement and ever-growing medical expenses. In such circumstances, many people turn toward affordable housing programs initiated by the government.

There are several affordable housing options available to senior citizens. Some of these comprise of several separate units while others may require group living. The choice depends on an individual’s preferences and their affordability. We are listing the 4 most common low-income affordable housing options available for the senior citizens here. (more…)

3 Questions to Ask When Renting an Affordable Apartment

Searching an affordable rental unit is not an easy task as there is high demand and low supply of affordable rental apartments. Hunting for an affordable apartment requires time, efforts, and a well-devised strategy. The home searcher should first determine their affordability, compare several rental units in different areas and their amenities, and rental costs. (more…)

Understanding the Differences between Subsidized and Public Housing

Subsidized housing and public housing are two terms that are used a lot when discussing about affordable housing. Many people assume that the two terms can be used interchangeably and that there are no differences between the two programs. As a matter of fact, both programs have different features and it is important to understand the differences to understand the eligibility requirements and application process. (more…)