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Understanding Section 8 Housing Program

For years you have worked hard to pay for life necessities but your salary is just not enough to take care of your life expenses. Do not worry. You are not alone facing this distressing situation. This painful scenario plagues millions of American families. If you are a US national and do not earn enough money to rent a home or pay monthly mortgage, you may apply for the federal government Section 8 Housing Program, which is also known Housing Choice Voucher Program.

What is Section 8 Housing Program?

The Section 8 Housing Program is aimed to help low-income people, elderly, and disabled individuals that cannot afford decent living without government aid. Under the Section 8 Housing Program, the applicants receive a voucher that they can use to pay for any house that qualifies for Section 8 Housing Program.

The government gives preference to applicants who are homeless, paying more than half of their income for rent, or living in substandard housing.

How does it Work?

Every state receives an annual grant from the federal government to cover its housing assistance costs. The state utilizes this money to pay a portion of eligible tenant’s rent and utility costs. Usually, the state pays around 70 percent of the monthly expenses of the tenant. If the tenant decides to move to another eligible housing unit, they continue to receive financial assistance regardless of where they live.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

Following are the eligibility requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate in order to quality for Section 8 Housing Program:

  • The applicant must be a US citizen or a non-citizen with eligible immigration status.

  • The applicant’s family income should be less than 50 percent of the median income of the state or city in which they live. It is better to consult local housing authority to determine your area’s median income.

  • The applicant should not have a criminal history of drugs sales or possession, physical violence, or any other activity that may cause harm to the welfare of other residents.

  • Another criterion is applicant’s household size.

Other criteria that may help you in gaining housing assistance under Section 8 Housing Program include:

  • Applicants currently living in a homeless shelter

  • Applicants who are a veteran of the US armed forces

  • Applicants who are suffering from a disability or debilitating disease

  • Senior citizens who are 62 years old and over

  • Applicants working more than 42 hours every week

Section 8 Housing Program provides an opportunity to low-income families to rent houses and apartments in areas where they would not have been able to afford a house without financial assistance. It also eliminates the need to compromise on basic life necessities and helps eliminates in finding a home in a neighborhood with better job opportunities and school systems.

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