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Delevan Terrace, Delevan NY - Multi-Family Housing Rental

70 Delevan Ave
Delevan NY, 14042
Contact Name: cattaraugus community action inc
Contact Phone: (716) 945-1041

Bedrooms Available: 24 One Bedroom Units
Property Type: Multi-Family Housing Rental - Elderly
Utilities Included: N/A

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Latest Reviews, Comments, Questions for Delevan Terrace

Comment from CYNDY on 2017-01-02 14:50:55: This place has been violating code for several issues but none of the residents will complain due to retaliation worries, word spread quick on who calls and what people complain about. They do not maintain property for a safe living environment, they do not have seating outside for weak or elderly, they have to carry their own chair in and out each time they sit in yard space etc. They also promise to replace carpets, install gutters etc. nut nothing is ever done. The only reason they replaced sidewalks and installed railings for ambulance access is because a few residents have fallen, got injured, channel 4 called etc....These residents have to climb over snow and dig their own way out in the winter. Personal experience visiting family there has been outrageous and overwhelming let alone unsafe or comforting to know that these residents can't even sit outside comfortably on the summer let alone being safe and cleared out in the winter. management has very little concern and the hired help has no compassion or time frame to wake up and rectify issues.
Comment from cyndy on 2017-01-06 17:34:27: If I find out that these residents are made to wake up, brush off vehicles, move them to the 2 lane rd between 5 and 7 a.m. so the plow truck can get the parking lot cleaned out, I will be contacting an attorney. These residents are confronted by management in evening hours face to face with a threat "come Monday that this rule be in effect since people want to complain to community action etc." So, a 60 something year old elderly, handicapped person, {some on oxygen} are supposed to go out in an un-salted, un-shoveled sidewalk, into un-plowed parking lot, just to start, brush off, dig out vehicle alone and try to walk/drive through several feet of snow to comply with a 5-7 a.m. deadline, in the dark, or they will be towed!!! seriously. oh and also, another rule will be in effect come spring. all residents will not be allowed on any grassy area, chain link will be installed to keep residents on a secluded rear of building area because trouble makers gossip under the tree that will be removed up front, along with other trees and shade. This is violating rights of tenants that don't smoke to be forced to sit with residents that do smoke on a 10x10 concrete sunny patio. What the heck is going on here. Things have changed the past 5 years or so with all these unfair, violation rules and threats forcing people to comply or get out!!!!, there will be higher up community action staff contact immediately by family/friends of residents, petitions, more law suits and code enforcement action taken....outrageous. Stop threatening these elderly residents and taking away their peace where they rent for more than 10 years. Telling them that they arent allowed to have a family over for a holiday dinner in the shared Kitchen/rec room nor any functions that involve outsiders/public because of risk of injury and insurance, no tenant can have company or function unless it is in their 1 room apartment??? Please send me the rules and regulations, lease and crazy rules that will be effect in 2017 so I can decipher where the freedoms are in this place. Contact me at 716-515-5103 asap please. And why are some elderly disabled residents the hired help? Like the cleaning lady Pat, how is she paid? the shoveler kid that sleeps til noon, how is he paid? Mean while the complaints get back to management by word of mouth and retaliation is taken out on the complainers???

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