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Diamondhead Manor, Kingsford MI - Multi-Family Housing Rental

679 S Westwood Ave
Kingsford MI, 49801
Contact Name: pk housing
Contact Phone: (517) 347-2001

Website: www.pkhousing.com
Bedrooms Available: 16 One Bedroom Units, 16 Two Bedroom Units
Property Type: Multi-Family Housing Rental - Family
Utilities Included: N/A

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Latest Reviews, Comments, Questions for Diamondhead Manor

Comment from Migs on 2019-03-17 13:47:14: This place will set you up to fail. They broke the confidentiality code with me. They will talk about your personal business with other residents. They don’t allow visitors and they expect you to tell them who is coming/leaving your apartment, and if you don’t, residents will squeal on you. They charge you with any fee they see fit. This place wants you to stay poor. The managers son rents from two places (they must have lied on their application to rent for two places), which they barely stayed in one - which was across the hall from me. They complained to us that WE were noisy, but what about their grandchildren? They knew I work early mornings and I hear kids screaming in the halls. I’m trying to teach and I hear noise at 5:30 in the morning. They have NO respect for their neighbors and they lack parenting their kids on respect and to be silent when walking in the hallway. They knew my pay schedule was different because I was paid via PayPal. They were not understanding nor forgiving. They got their money regardless and they still complained and wanted more money. They need to learn to stop gossiping about their tenants. What they do with their personal business stays between the tenants. Also, last year I was grabbed by a disabled woman (which left a bruise) and this happened in front of the managers. Did they defend me or ask the woman to let go? No. I walked away with bruises and a scratch. They’re lucky I didn’t report them. Heed my warning, do not apply at this trashy place. It’s filled with nothing but disabled people who will ask you for money or cigarettes, physically harm you, and people who want to know your every move and personal business. Stay far away from this place. They don’t deserve a single penny for the trash can they’re running.

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