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Nani O Puna, Pahoa HI Multi-Family Housing Rental

15-2914 Kauhale St.
Pahoa HI, 96778
Contact Name: hawaii affordable properties, inc.
Contact Phone: (808) 322-3422

Bedrooms Available: 4 One Bedroom Units, 16 Two Bedroom Units, 12 Three Bedroom Units
Property Type: Multi-Family Housing Rental - Family
Utilities Included: N/A

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Comment from Sophia Anderson on 2017-06-12 00:20:57: There are many things that can be said about this apartment complex and unfortunately most of them are bad. My family and I first moved into an apartment last year, and here are some things you'll want to know before you consider moving in. The matinence man Gerarld is sexist. He's disrespectful to women, constantly berates the female manager of the apartments behind her back, and even went as far as to say I was named after a sex symbol after he'd cornered me in the laundry room. He will complain about all the work he put into cleaning and preparing your apartment for you, and when you go in you'll find dead bugs all over the floor, mysterious stains, and dysfunctional plumbing. He is an oaf who follows around young women and harrasses them. Secondly, the nieghbors. The apartment complex is a knit pick group of people who will complain about everything. One woman went as far as to complain about me throwing my dogs bagged waste in the dumpster and she claimed she could "smell it." I wasn't allowed to use that dumpster any longer. Next we had an old man who would tell the office about everything my family did. "Oh they leave their lights on to long," "their Tv is to loud," "They don't seem to keep their apartment clean," just a constant stream of whine whine whine! He even got mad when I walked my dog up the stairs and said it left an odor??? There are women who dare men who beat them all over the complex, they scream and fight all day and yet nothing is done. The family who stayed in the room above my own had a mentally ill child who'd they'd take off their mess when she seemed "to healthy," and a husband who got back into drugs. Which is another problem. I'm not one to complain about weed being smoked but there is a dealer living in the complex and he is mean and overly aggressive. He deals right in the parking lot. If you have a pet get ready for the long list of complaints. For example, these are real complaints I've received about my well behaved therapy dog. "I can smell him," "his fur look like mange," "I can smell his poop in the dumpster thirty feet away from my apartment," "I don't like how big he is," "one time I heard him bark," just constant flow of complaints! And they are very strict about picking up your animals waste when they go outside, which is understandable, but it got to the point where they will watch you and take pictures of any poop left behind and threaten to take your animal away. Inspections are a monthly thing at the apartment complex, the always say some higher up is coming down to do the inspection but it's always the sexist manager. You have to have everything spotless they'll say, and you'll work for long frustrating hours and Gerarld walks in for a second, says okay, and leaves. But he'll always write something bad about you just an FYI. he'll also make sure to judge the women of the house for "not doing their chores :(" if he sees something he doesn't like. In my family I have four sisters, the only guy in the house is my dad. We had THREE perverts come to our door at night, one tried to break in, the other actually attacked my sister, and One crept around the apartment leaking in the windows. The one who attacked my sister btw was all Gerarld's fault :), he let a stranger into the complex without doing a background check, which is illegal, and it was all on the premise that he seemed "nice". My sister is scarred for life because of his idiotic mistake and Gerarld got in no trouble from the manager over this. All I can say is if you do decide to live in this apartment complex because you're tight on money or because it might be your only option right now just remember that it's pretty awful,

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