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Country Village Apartments I, Ii, Iii, Metropolis IL - Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment

40 Lois Lane
Contact Name:
Contact Phone: (618) 833-3440

Bedrooms Available: One Bedroom, Two Bedrooms, Three Bedrooms
Property Type: Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment
Utilities Included: Lawn Maintenance, Trash Service
To apply: Visit the management office for the apartment.

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Comment from Brittnie Nicole Lee on 2019-09-05 03:19:42: Poor poor management!!!! They do not do your requests in a timely fashion. Or not at all for that matter. They took over a month to fix my air in the hottest part of summer of 2019 this yr. And they refused to put screens in my Windows prior to this, so i couldnt open my Windows during my air conditioner not working. all i had was literally a couple fans. That i had to come up with on my own. I believe they should have provided some sort of help with this considering it was there responsibility. I had 3 very young children. Between the ages of 8 and 1 yr old. and i was pregnant... As well as a screen door i had requested. I mind you I have been here for over a year and had requested the door and screens last year and the manager "lucy peters" told the maintenance man to "Not" put the screens on or the door up for me. He had told me this out of his own mouth. It is very crooked. They just came and covered all the paneling up for my door to be attached to. Took off the hinges that were there as well and just covered it all up and painted over it so it couldn't be as noticeable. They will write you up for the most nonsense of things. Such as your children not allowed to ride bikes outside. Or little scooters. Even though it was not in my lease. They will write you up for having visitors. Your allowed to have visitors for up to 2 weeks. And even if you have someone come to your apt to visit everyday or every other day. Once a week what have you, they will say that they are living with you. Another besides myself, had the same problem with them. They also had children and complained and wrote them uo for nonsense aa well. They decided to move out because of the continued complaints against is very uncalled for. Smh. Very much so against the rules on there own part. Do not get an apt from them unless none of this bothers you and you can live with the constant badgering and write ups, and nothing being done for you at your request. My first time living in an apt and I highly do not recommend this place here. Like i said They go against there on rules and make up whatever they choose to do. without it having been in the lease agreement.

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