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PARKVIEW PLACE, Lubbock TX - Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment

LUBBOCK TX, 79413-5737
Contact Phone: (913) 947-3131

Bedrooms Available: One Bedroom
Property Type: Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment - Elderly
Utilities Included: N/A
To apply: Visit the management office for the apartment.

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Latest Reviews, Comments, Questions for PARKVIEW PLACE

Comment from Mary on 2014-12-18 03:01:27: I just moved into the apartment this week. I do not understand why the doors have to be locked a 6pm. I was told they would be. I had a lady drop her purse in the hallway around 9:30 and I did not see it until 9:50. I was told the lady lived upstairs and went to her apartment to return the purse. I talked to her in her doorway. We could not of talked over 2 min, when this Joelyn came up the stairs and said I needed to get in the apartment and shut the door because she could hear us talking for her apartment downstairs. The stairwell was right there. I did not like her policing us like that and come on! it was before 10. I do not think I am going to like it here.
Comment from Mary Prince on 2015-07-31 01:17:09: I wrote this review a month or so after I moved in. After I complained to the manager about Jolene. I found out that Jolene runs the apartments and has been allowed to do so for over 5 years. I started having lots of problems and had to get the owner involved. The manager would yell at me for coming to her. I was told I could not baby set. I never once had my grandson over for more 60-to 90 min. I was getting one complaint after another from the "manager" but she would never tell me who it was. The managers is the trouble maker at these apartments... If you will do what most are doing there. They stay in their apartment because they would be the next to get hit or badgered into moving. The place is like a prison. I had to leave after I was attacked by Jolene "the enforcer" and the friends of the manager lied about seeing me hitting her. Long story. Just stay in your apartment if you move to the place and do not try to make friends. If they say they are Christian, just watch if they live a christian life.
Comment from Mary Prince on 2015-08-25 00:51:58: Warning the manager has friends that run the apartments and they tell lies about you and too you. Most of her friends are smoking buddies as well. Gossip is spread though the Office by the Manager. ITS LIKE STEPPING BACK TO JR HIGH WITH ALL THE FIGHTING. I was pushed, hit with elbows, things jerked out of my hands, manager in face nose to nose while screaming to the top of her lungs. I lived at Parkview place Apartment for over a year. I was bullied by a few people that were buddies with the manager (Tina.) I was screamed at by Tina when I asked her to ask her husband not to spray lysol over his head in the activities room when I was in there because of my asthma and because I could not mop up water that spilled from one of the washers (I was saying I was sorry that I could not mop it up) and when she wrote me up, she lied and said/lying I yelled obscenities at her. This women has friends that will lie and back her up!r. Most of the people I know that live their were nice but they will not stand up to Tina and Jolene (her ghost manager) Jolene. Yes, please stay away from this place unless you intend to stay in your apartment do not join in bible studies or bingo because the bullies even fight among themself. This is Life at these apartment, They rule by lies and intimidation. I have put into the lords hands and have moved on but I feel like I owe prospective residents that move here.

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