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Low Income and Subsidized Apartments in Dickinson, KS County

Below are 10 affordable housing resources and apartments for rent in Dickinson, KS County. We welcome user reviews and corrections of property listings, as we strive to provide the best and most up-to-date information possible. Simply click on the listing below for more information.

Abilene Center Apt - Multi-Family Housing Rental (for Family)
Location: Abilene, KS - 674102039
Contact Phone: (573) 448-3000

Abilene Plaza Apt - Multi-Family Housing Rental (for Elderly)
Location: Abilene, KS - 67410
Contact Phone: (785) 266-6133

Enterprise Estates - Multi-Family Housing Rental (for Family)
Location: Enterprise, KS - 674419097
Contact Phone: (785) 862-4877

Frontier Estates - Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment (for Elderly )
Location: Abilene, KS - 67410-2255
Contact Phone: (785) 263-1080
Details: Frontier Estates is a non-assisted and low-income senior apartment facility. This facility is a total housing concept (all under one roof), that is designed to accommodate the needs of its residents.
Golden Age Homes - Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment (for Elderly )
Location: Herington, KS - 67449-1660
Contact Phone: 785

Jesse Coup Apts - Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment (for Elderly )
Location: Hope, KS - 67451
Contact Phone: 785
Details: Full Description: Ten units, garden style. Independent living residences offering affordability, safety, comfort, and friendship. Affordability Operated under a HUD Section 8 rental assistance program providing reduced rent for low or moderate income residents. Rent is based on income less medical expenses and rent-free apartments are a possibility. All utilities except phone and cable TV are paid. Safety Smoke alarms in all apartments. Emergency call lights for each apartment. Comfort Individually controlled heating and air conditioning. Washer/dryer in each unit Stoves, refrigerators, and garbage disposals provided Pleasant, landscaped outdoor areas for relaxing with friends
Mulberry Court Apts - Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment (for Elderly )
Location: Abilene, KS - 67410-1503
Contact Phone: (785) 263-7459

North Pine Village - Multi-Family Housing Rental (for Family)
Location: Solomon, KS - 674808307
Contact Phone: (573) 448-3000

Occk Housing - Subsidized, Low-Rent Apartment (for Disabled )
Location: Abilene, KS - 67410-1647
Contact Phone: 785
Details: Through partnerships with families, schools, and the community, services began in 1983 in Dickinson County. When you come to the Abilene Regional Office for services, we build a plan around you. Your plan is designed with as little or as much support as you need. Not only can you receive intensive services, but we can bring in an assortment of other services such as assistive technology, transition support, case management, information and referral, independent living, and more. You will have an array of opportunities for employment training through the many relationships we have developed throughout Dickinson County. An example of this is providing labor for the Recycling Center in Abilene. This relationship with the City of Abilene benefits both the city and the people who are working there. People working at the recycling center have chosen to be involved in the local labels for education project by saving various labels brought to the center, and presenting them to schools. As a result of our community collaboration, the City of Abilene and OCCK are leading a campaign focused on Good Environmental Stewardship with an emphasis on recycling. The strong partnerships within Dickinson County provide the foundation for continual growth and enhancement of our services. Many people enjoy Abilene's rich history, beginning as a cattle town as the state was settled, and including today, the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Greyhound Hall of Fame, restored historical mansions, museums, art, and much more. There is plenty of shopping in Abilene, there are Antique Shops as well as other small stores that offer unique items. There are many places to eat, including the legendary Brookville Hotel.
Victoria Garden Apt - Multi-Family Housing Rental (for Family)
Location: Abilene, KS - 674102311
Contact Phone: